Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh Sasha!

CLEVELAND, OHIO - We here at would like to take this time out to thank Sasha Pavlovic for finally blossoming into more than just the best white dunker in the NBA (We'd also like to thank him for no longer sporting the awful hair pictured above). As of late, Pavlovic's increasing minutes have resulted in increased results, and most importantly: Wins for the Cavaliers. A lot of Cavs fans are surprised with his emergence, but not Lebron James:
"I feel like a prophet," James said. "I've been harping on Sasha for three years now. People were looking at me like I'm crazy and I've always said if Sasha gets the opportunity, he's going to be very good. We go against each other every day in practice and I know what type of player he is, and he's showing it."
Apparently Sasha has benefited from scoring on Lebron James in practice (And why not?...Everyone else does). I wonder if Lebron would have predicted that it would be Pavlovic who would lead the Cavs down the stretch of the Lakers game while he took the second half off? Let's hope that the native of Serbia can continue his solid play, he could end up being an integral part of this team come playoff time (Since it doesn't appear that we are going to do anything to improve the team before the trade deadline). Another benefit of Sasha playing well is that we're more likely to hear postgame interviews with him, where his eloquence and mastery of the English language are always on center stage.
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Anonymous said...

Pavlovic is the savior!

King Nick said...

Or you could stop referring to yourself as x-man and hiding behind your posts like a complete fairy. SHUTUP!

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