Monday, January 15, 2007

C-Web Headed Home to the Motor City

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - The Detroit Pistons will reportedly sign free agent power forward Chris Webber on Tuesday after he was waived by the Philadelphia 76ers last week. And who could blame them? Webber fits perfectly into a lineup which already possesses three big men who primarily settle for perimeter jumpshots. The aging offensive black-hole is just a shadow of his former self, and yes, I am obviously referring to the Maize & Blue clad youngster who called the most prolific timeout in NCAA history. The Pistons are currently in second place in the Eastern Conference, only 2 games behind the rival Cavaliers. Webber has been a "Cavalier-Killer" throughout his illustrious NBA career, and averaged more than 24 points a game last year in 4 meetings with Cleveland. He is likely to fill the gaping hole in the middle for Detroit that has been helplessly filled by Nazr Mohammed thus far in '07 after the departure of Ben Wallace to Chicago. It should be interesting to see if there are enough shots in this offense to please Webber, who seems to only be satisfied when he is the first or second option. Now if someone from Detroit could physically tattoo the amount of timeouts left in a crucial eastern conference game on Webber's hands, then the Pistons might be in good shape.


Double Meat said...

is that Eric Montross in the backround of that picture. He had nice NBA career.

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