Friday, January 19, 2007

Golf Channel Actually Airing Real Golf?

Taking a page out of the NFL network's playbook (and hopefully not Jim Tressel's), the Golf Channel is doing something unthinkable, actually airing professional golf. They'll be showing first and second round coverage of almost every minor event; meaning the John Daly and David Duval diehards will finally get their fix, as opposed to being hung out to dry during the weekends when their idols are already halfway to their next event. We're not sure how the network will manage to fit all this new coverage in their current 24-hour potpourri of miscellaneous programming consisting of Big Break 1 reruns, Medicus infomercials, Big Break 2 and the 1963 Masters final round. Let's just hope they didn't process Bryant Gumbel's application.

photo courtesy of a three-year-old's art portfolio


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