Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Jobbed

CLEVELAND - Nobody here at CursedCleveland.com thinks Eric Snow is a top-tier NBA point guard. However, we certainly do not appreciate the area-wide bashing Snow receives on a daily basis. From sports talk radio to the daily newspapers, you would think a simple waive of Eric Snow from the roster would bring championship parades to Euclid Avenue. Articles like this certainly don't help. One of our favorite local writers, The ABJ's Brian Windhohrst, documented the defensive success of this year's Cavaliers. We agree, they've been much better on that end. But you'd imagine an article about defense would systematically praise the exploits of Eric Snow, who is hands down the best defender on the Cavaliers. Instead we were offered quotes from one of the team's worst defenders, LeBron James, with not one mention of the former Spartan. Leaving Snow out of this discussion is as egregious an omission as leaving Matthew Lesko off a list naming the top green-suited late night infomercial personalities. Perhaps Windhorst is still reeling from his high school days when Snow failed to show up at a "Read to Achieve" function.


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