Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Incumbent?

CLEVELAND, OHIO - In last week's press conference, Phil Savage stated that Charlie Frye will enter the '07-08 season as the "incumbent" at the quarterback position. I can't help but wonder who will be under more scrutiny during their second term, Frye or George W. Bush. As the NFL Draft inches closer by the day, here are a few things to ponder during the offseason about the former Zip:

1. Why have we never watched him make a throw and subsequently said to ourselves, "What an amazing throw that was, I can't believe he fit that in there."

2. Will he ever take a hit without fumbling the ball?

3. Did playing college ball at Akron really give us an accurate assessment of his talents?

4. Did we really think we would find ourselves a quarterback of the future with a 3rd round pick?

5. Why won't he shave that disgusting mustache?

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Cleveland Fatboy said...

I think the Browns should consider going back to Spergon Wynn. I heard he's putting up phenomenal numbers for the Toronto Argonauts. Maybe we can make a trade that would send C. Frye and Jason Wright to Toronto in exchange for Spergon Wynn and Ricky Williams.

Double Meat said...

After the Savage Interview:
Charlie Fry was seen by numerous witnesses looking up the word Incumbent in the dictionary. Since Charlie can't READ anything he then asked his good friend broodney pool to translate.
Conclusion: His future is still uncertain.

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