Thursday, January 18, 2007

Infected Staff

LeCharles Bentley
A week ago today, Browns GM Phil Savage attributed most of his team's struggles to injuries and a lack of continuity within its personnel. Unlike his past drafts, it looks like the man has actually done his research this time. According to a Dallas Morning News report, the 2006 Browns can lay claim to the "most injured" team in the league, an honor that has eluded them for the last two years. Their starters lost a whopping 83 games in a season where staph infections were as contagious as the common cold. The Cowboys, on the other hand, led the NFL with only eight total contests missed.


Double Meat said...

Maybe Phil Savage should turn to Mandatory Blood Testing to determine the white blood cell count for his future draft picks. This way when they do get hurt they are less susceptible to contracting a staff infection or a Ryan Tucker Mystery Illness.

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