Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Warrior Heading to Golden State

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - According to the Associated Press, as part of an eight-player deal the Pacers have dealt Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington to Golden State for Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy (along with other players that aren't household names even in their own household). This marks the first time Jackson has been mentioned in the same sentence as "Trading" without the word "Punches" following closely behind.

Photo courtesy of WWE


Double Meat said...

Does anyone else think thats a weird fucking trade. Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy the two Poster boys for good NBA showmanship, for Al Harrington and Stephen fucking Jackson. Golden State was clearly trying to up their street cred in the NBA with that trade. Don't be supprised if you see Golden State make a move for Latrell Sprewell and Bill Laimbeer. David (im a huge Jew) Stern has to be beside himself.

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