Monday, January 15, 2007

CursedCleveland Marks Its One-Day Anniversary

CLEVELAND, OHIO - Few thought it had a chance, even fewer cared either way, but after a 24-hour rollercoaster ride of events, has survived a full day of internet life. The site, now one day old, is now the longest running Cleveland sports weblog geared towards anything not pertinent to Cleveland sports. Anthony Lima, site contributor, was not as optimistic about the future of the site.

"Sure, we've been around for a full day, and we're proud to have formed many relationships and changed many lives," Lima said. "But it's one day, much like Harriet Myers Supreme Court appointment, some things have a short lifespan. "

It's been an interesting first day for, which has yet to field a page hit from any general member of the viewing public. The site has predominantly focused on Ohio State football and Randy Couture, a mixed martial artist. A Marty Schottenheimer article was randomly added, with only a very loose Cleveland sports affiliation. The most recent article, titled "CursedCleveland Marks Its One-Day Anniversary," only serves to self promote and will likely receive its share of criticism.


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