Saturday, January 20, 2007

BREAKING NEWS - Browns Hire No-Namer

CLEVELAND - So how many certain ethnic individuals does it take to change the Browns offense? Apparently one. Ladies and gentleman, the Cleveland Browns give you. Rob Chudzinski He's been a tight ends coach for the Chargers the last two seasons and he's a former offensive coordinator at the U. Like Crennel, the Browns are hiring a former Browns coach; Chud served as interim offensive coordinator during the short-lived Robiskie era. He'll attempt to resuscitate a Browns offense that was an anemic 30th in scoring and 31st in total yards. Let's hope his idea of scripting the first 15 plays doesn't involve 4 punts.

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Angus Feldman said...

At this point I'm pretty sure I'd rather have Al Lerner running the team from his pine mansion right now over his worthless son Randy. I think the better move would be to bring in Art Shell to "spark the offense" as the team suggested this guy would do. We could even trade for Aaron Brooks and maybe lock up a #1 pick for 2008..when we fire Savage (Phil that is, not my father Randy Savage) and hire Matt Millen. Let's just say I'd rather pass up moving to Florida and work at a movie store before I root for this team. Anyone else with me on this one???

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