Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mutumbo Gets Defensive

When you’re 7’2, the NBA’s second all time shot blocker and a leading African philanthropist, few things tend to get to you. That is of course unless someone steps over the line and challenges your manhood by attempting to assess your age. Thankfully there are no carnies in the Congo.
What’s truly odd is that he’s so sensitive about the age thing when there are so many other reasons to poke fun at Dikembe; his elbows that are obviously sharpened for combat, his creation of a new regional dialect for the English language, his 17 middle names (Mpolondo Mukamba Jean Jacque and Wamutombo, just to name a few) and of course, his ridiculous finger-waving routine which you absolutely know he uses on the road when someone tries to cut him off.
But to get upset about the age thing is senseless. It would be like Adolph Hitler saying, ‘You guys got it all wrong. Ok, so I’m responsible for the attempted extermination of an entire race and human rights weren’t exactly my thing, but damn it, if one more person calls me gay, I’m calling my attorney!”


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