Friday, January 26, 2007

Cavs Earn Split Against Lowly Sixers

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Looks like LeBron's supporting cast isn't so bad after all. As much as we wanted to make jokes galore about splitting a home-and-home against the Oden-bound Sixers, the Cavaliers were able to get back on track in what was a much needed victory. Some things we definitely learned tonight:

Daniel Gibson is going to get more playing time. His penetration and shot making is desperately needed on this team.

Andre Miller still has a ton of game - A Jason kidd-esque 12-13-12 triple double. The guy can play in the half court, and get out in transition. He's doing everything he can to sabotage the Sixers chances of getting the first pick. You know Billy King is trying to acquire Darius Miles as we speak.

When Damon Jones goes 5-7 from behind the arc, the Cavaliers can beat anyone. We also know that when he goes 0-8, they will lose to everyone.

The DuckTail still has his moments. Gooden throws up a much needed 21 and 10.

Rodney Carney can score , leap, and do nothing else. One assist and one rebound in 34 minutes...but gotta give him some credit, the rookie has a jumper.

Apparently Fred McLeod lived the 2005-06 season vicariously through Michael Reghi. He often regales us with stories about last seasons team as if he was front and center.

"This comeback was reminiscent of last season's effort at the Wachovia Center"..I even remember what suit I wore, and what me and Austin had for Dinner. I think I even said that we could 'Book this one to the Cavs.'"

I'm not even commenting on the "Fathead" reference for Larry's Dunk. Let's just say thank goodness Gilbert doesn't own Viagara.

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