Monday, January 22, 2007

OSU B'Ball Calls For White Out

COLUMBUS - Widely regarded as one of the most lifeless and sterile on-campus basketball venues in the nation, Value City Arena will play host to the nationally televised MSU/OSU match-up on Saturday. Only this time, the 19,500 unresponsive fans in attendance will supposedly be donning white. Considering the usual crowd at OSU, the middle-aged fans that take up the entire lower bowl don't need to wear anything different for the theme to take effect (I've seen more color at a college football coaching convention). OSU should probably go ahead and leave this gimmick to Penn State, a school that knows something about perfecting the craziness that should go hand and hand with student sections and home field advantages. Perhaps whine and cheese faithful we'll get really crazy and do the wave, or chant "air-ball," if the situation calls for it.


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