Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tressel Gets Credit for CursedCleveland Joke

You know you've made it as a satirical and humor based website when people start taking you way too seriously. Case in point. The internet message board community was a buzz this past week when our column titled "Smith Grows One Inch Since Title Game," was confused as literal truth (this sort of thing happens at the Fox News Channel all the time). My hilarious quote: "My entire Florida gameplan hinged on utilizing a 5'11 QB," was passed off as if it was a Tressel witticism. The Clemson fans really think Jim Tressel has was it takes to write for our site, although we remain skeptical:

"Haha thats great. I can always appreciate a good smartass, esp. one as highly respected as Tressel."

But it didn't stop there

"Hey Shoty lighten up. I said that I like a smart ass choach, and it takes balls to be able to joke about a game you didnt do to well in. I wasnt taking shots or compairing him to tommy."

I really hope our story about the Browns upcoming coin flip isn't taken so literally - Vegas might have a little bit of a mess on their hands.


Geoff Martingale said...

Wow, how could Clemson fans be that stupid? This site is taking off. I found you guys on the Cavs board, nice work!

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