Thursday, January 25, 2007

Frequent Crier Miles

Philadelphia- Reports coming out of Philadelphia over the past couple of days are not looking good for Donovan McNabb. A supposed controversy stemmed out of Andy Reid telling McNabb he could not fly on the team plane to the Eagles playoff game against New Orleans because he was on the injured reserve list. Although it has been a team rule ever since McNabb has been on the Eagles that players on injured reserve don't fly with the team, feelings were obviously hurt.

After McNabb's 5-5 start, Jeff Garcia (the NFL's most effeminate redhead) went 5-1 and carried the Eagles into the playoffs where he won in the first round. More than a handful of Eagles are already willing to trade in the posterboy for Campbell's Chunky Soup for future Hall-of-Famer Jeff Garcia. Imagine that?

To top things off, McNabb is unhappy with the way Philadelphia's fans and the media have reacted to his mother Wilma McNabb's comments that she made on her blog, saying it would be "bittersweet" to see the Eagles win without her son playing. More importantly, Donovan should probably be mad that his mother has a blog and she has to share with the world how bad she feels for her fragile 30 year-old son. What an embarassment!

If you would like to read what an overbearing mother has to say about her son, please read Wilma McNabb's blog where you also will find her breaking down the play-by-play, defining the word "caliber" and discussing other topical issues surrounding her loser son and her annoying family.

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John Skrtic said...

Don't tell me that if the Eagles decided to keep Garcia as the starter and Mcnabb was available that you wouldn't want the browns to go after him. Considering the '99 draft class including Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Duante Culpepper, and Cade McNown, Donovan McNabb has probably proven to be the least "fragile", in every sense of the word. If the Browns did some how acquire McNabb, I would also reccomend picking up former Brown Kevin Johnson, they could rekindle their magic of leading Syracuse to the Orange Bowl in 1997.

"Elegent" Elliott Feldman said...

I have just skimmed through Mama Mcnabb's blog and she has as much right to have a blog as three losers from West G who know nothing about sports. And she gets more hits...ouch.

The Real Phil Thompson said...

Why are these guys "three losers from West G who know nothing about sports?" It was someone's opinion, and as it turns out, that's what journalism is, especially when you are writing on a blog. Why such hostility on this blog? Did they make fun of you in high school? Chances are you deserved it. You should be more concerned with spelling (elegent?) rather than these guy's knowledge of sports. These three guys , especially Lima know a ton about sports.

Paul Maloney said...

Sounds like someone is jealous of the site...

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