Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Microsoft Befriends Cavs Superstar (Who hasn't?)

CLEVELAND, OHIO - The Associated Press is reporting that Cavs star forward Lebron James will be a part of the new advertising campaign for Microsoft's new operating system: Windows Vista. He will make what are said to be "cameo" appearances on tv commercials which will begin airing on January 30th. King James is the first ever NBA player used in the promotion of Microsoft products. There has been no report on the terms of this deal, though James is already worth about $150 million in endorsements. Last year, James told the Associated Press that one of his primary goals was "to be the richest man in the world." Here's an idea, how about listing winning an NBA championship as your primary goal, after putting a scare into Cleveland fans by only signing a 3 year deal this past offseason. I'm glad to see that Lebron has had extra time to film commercials and become an advertising icon over the past year, and I do understand that this is a business before anything else. However, as the man that we as Cavs fans have put our faith into to bring us a title, I'd like to see him focus more on addressing the problems with this team's lack of offensive production instead of television appearances (although if these ones are as solidly produced as "The Lebrons" commercials for Nike, I may be a little easier on him).

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