Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Coming Up Next!"

FLORIDA - is proud to announce it's breaking the bank for team coverage of tonight's UFC Ultimate Fight Night Live. We'll have a running diary, and really, that's about it. Vegas has some early over/unders on tonight's contest:

24 - The number of times the immortal Mike Goldberg (and Cleveland native) says "Coming up next."

34 - The amount of spinning backfists Shonie Carter attempts.

4 - The number of times I confuse Diego Sanchez with actor/dancer AC Slater.

3 - The number of times I try to forget about Joe Rogan's brief and forgettable stint on the Man Show.

14 - The number of times the hallowed ring announcer Bruce Buffer utters "U -F - Shhheeee."

172 - The number of times Spike TV reminds us that Pros vs Joes is "Coming up Next," and that Randy Couture will be joining the cast (as one of the Pros..).

Critics, please note that there was a "Cleveland" reference in the article. First one to find it wins a free subscription to our site!


Check out the official UFC Fight Night Running Diary. Anne Frank would be jealous.


Fat Phil Thompson said...

Gosh, guys. steal another idea from simmons, why don't you

SportsBoyTony said...

Actually, I stole the idea from Anne Frank...who had a running account of her days in the Netherlands during the German occupation. Granted, one could argue her diary wasn't exactly choc full o jokes, but then again, there wasn't much humor in 1930's Nazi Europe. Unless we're talking FDR, who poked fun at the Nazis regularly.

Elliott's Grandpa said...

I can confirm that...Fightin the Nazi's was much like a UFC fight. Except we (the jews) were anne frank and the Germans were more of a Tito Ortiz

Big John McCarthy said...

So the Germans would get lit up multiple times by Chuck Liddell?

Anonymous said...

Does that make Joe Rogan some sort of wartime Walter Kronkite.....because if so than I think my head just exploded

Chris Peters said...

You should cover MMA for the PD. A) They don't cover it and B) You're more talented than anyone they have.

Anonymous said...

What about the BIG KO last night??? No video on that???

SportsBoyTony said...

Thank you for your readership. The video was added earlier today under the hilarious running diary! Thanks for your support.

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