Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Roddick vs. Federer Part 14

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DOWN UNDER - Tennis fans everywhere are talking about the upcoming matchup between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick; arguably the two biggest names in the world of men's tennis. This matchup comes in the semifinals of the Australian Open, and the winner is likely to go on and win the major championship. Roddick has been on a tear lately, and says that he owes this mostly to the coaching and mentoring of former great Jimmy Connors. After committing only 4 unforced errors in a straight-set victory earlier today over fellow American and long-time friend Mardy Fish, Roddick says that he is "closing the gap" between himself and the #1 player in the world (I'm hoping this means he at least makes this one a challenge for Federer who has owned Roddick in every statistic other than funny self-deprocating comments during post-match interviews over the last few years). On the other hand, Federer hasn't lost a set yet in his 5 matches (I don't think he's broken a sweat for that matter), and has never had trouble returning the monster serve of the American.
As of late, the matchups between these two have left Roddick searching for answers, and Federer with more and more trophies to dust in the ol' case. Federer has won 12 of 13 against our current "Man Crush of the Week," although Roddick did win an exhibition match against his arch rival only ten days ago (This is about as significant as an NBA summer league victory). Those interested in tuning into this monumental match should be glad to know that it will be televised on ESPN at 3:30 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday morning (Prime Time). This should upset those avid fans of the World's Strongest Man Competition, which is traditionally viewable at that hour (Is it really that fun to watch one of the Magnus' win every time anyways?). Personally, I can't wait to see the shot of whichever knockout female Roddick is "courting" these days in the stands during the match (Although I still haven't forgiven him for letting go of Mandy Moore (I also haven't forgiven my boy Vinny Chase for letting her go on "Entourage" )).


Funso Olu-Lafa said...

Great statistical analysis of tennis bsmith. I mean it, it was a nice detailed article. I would only ask that you would start applying the same work ethic to your articles to sports that people really care about.

K. Hardy said...

Nothing about Cleveland again. That's two thus far, Shooter.

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