Friday, January 26, 2007

Greg Oden is Pretty Good

We finally found someone who believes in Greg Oden. Bill Livingston offers us his scouting report for the NBA hopeful (if all goes right). Among the interesting assessments in this coming of age analysis:
"Oden has the basics for low-post offense, including a drop step, a jump hook, and fire and brimstone dunks."
Clearly nothing gets past Bill Livingston, especially extra plates of food. Fortunately for Buckeye fans, Livingston sifts through all the usual garbage reporting to deliver a rather profound question that all others have apparently failed to ask:
"The question with Oden is when does he turn pro?
God we miss Roger Brown.


Carlo Morrisey said...

Bill Livingston stinks!

Roger Brown said...

Guys, I haven't gone anyhwere! No respectable newspaper would go anywhere near me and my "questionable" sources, so I finally badgered Fox 19 into giving me two segments a week! Check me out Mondays and Thursdays on 19 Action News at Five!

Also, the way we hear it, some kids from Cleveland have started a new sports blog. Could they be bought out by media mogul fat cat Rupert Murdoch's News Corp? Hmm....

Alexander Religa said...

Loving this site. My coworker found it on the web. I don't hear enough criticism of Livingston's terrible columns. Keep up the great work.

Rupert Murdoch said...

Not a chance in hell.

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