Friday, February 9, 2007

Another New Citizen

ST. LOUIS, MO - Here at, we'd like to congratulate Albert Pujols on scoring 100% on his U.S. Citizen test this week....Way to go! We'd also like to congratulate him for having the most ridiculously poor complexion in the league (This is a bold faced lie, teammate Julian Tavarez obviously wins this award, but he's not cool enough to get a feature article or a female for that matter), however this congratulations probably won't go as well received (Actually, it doesn't matter because nobody reads this anyways). When asked to comment on the importance of becoming a citizen of the country that has brought him to prominenece, Pujols calmly responded "Quien da una mierda?"
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Leather Face said...

His complexion is a close 2nd to Mark McGwire.

K. Hardy said...

Not Cleveland. And don't you dare try to argue that it counts as Cleveland because Julian Tavarez used to pitch for the Indians.

Anonymous said...

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