Thursday, February 8, 2007

Long Distance Shootout Set

LAS VEGAS, NV - The self-proclaimed "Best shooter in the world," now knows who his competition will be in the three-point contest next week. Joining Jones will be Agent Zero, Dirk, Nash and J-Kap (we can all agree Kapono has earned a nickname at this point, can't we?). We're not entirely sure that Jones is best suited for this contest - although he won't have to guard anyone, which helps. With only 60 seconds to get to all five racks, Jones's famous "three on the platter" routine puts him in serious jeopardy of only getting 10 or so shots off in the allotted time. Despite that, Jones has been gearing up for this type of attention since birth.

"I'm a walking sound bite. I'm walking entertainment. There's not going to be a bigger stage than Vegas this year. The lights, glitter, cameras and action fits in with my persona."

How can they not have Jones mic'd up for the entire week? They could make this on-demand type programming immediately, and i'll get right to it right after finishing up the third season of "Cathouse" and the new "Hookers at the Point."

photo courtesy of cbssporsline


KingNick said...

Not a bad group of shooters at all. Here's how they'll finish: 5)DJones, 4)Nash, 3)J-Kap, 2)Hibachi, 1)Big Dirk Dog

white chocolate said...

I would get dropped off in the middle of Compton with a sign that says i hate black people than be foced to watch Damon Jones Mic'd up

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