Friday, February 9, 2007

If You Like Guys, You Better Let Ya Boy LeBron Know!

CLEVELAND, OHIO - On the eve of a very important confrontation with the Miami Heat (Who's season we may have already resurrected letting them steal one from us last week), Lebron James feels it's important to let his opinions on homosexuals in the NBA be heard. According the, Lebron thinks that trust is very important between teammates, and that if you are gay and don't let your boys know, then you aren't trustworthy. Personally, I think he should be more worried about the current problems with the Cavs offense than who is looking at him in the shower, but hey priorities are different for everyone. Note to other Cavs players: Watch the way you slap Lebron's ass from now on, you might lose his trust!


Nick Peterson said...

I love to shower with other dudes

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