Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Signing Day Woes

COLUMBUS, OH - I'm sure most of you figured a perfect 12-0 regular season and a stranglehold on the #1 ranking for nearly five months would pay some hefty recruiting dividends. Well at least we beat out Illinois - oh wait, Scouts.Ink says the Zookster nabbed a top-10 Class, nine spots ahead of the Buckeyes. What exactly was Jim Tressel doing from November 19th till January 8th? - "getting the Buckeyes ready for Florida" is not a legitimate response. In case you were wondering, the football factories at Georgia Tech and Clemson also topped the scarlet and gray. The "U" endured a year of embarrassments including a coaching change, a midfield fracas, and a completely unrelated death - and yet still had more prospects asking "Where do I sign?" And to top it off, Michigan, came out ahead as well.

Scouts.Ink rankings
OSU Doesn't Crack top 10
Small but Formidalbe


bucknut said...

Can't believe how lazy Jimmy T has been this offseason, hope this doesn't hurt us a few years down the road!

OSU Fan said...

I'd don’t blame the recruits for not committing to OSU - who wants to play for a team that will injure you while celebrating. i.e. Roy Hall literally breaking Teddy Ginn's ankle.

King Nick said...

This recruiting class is smaller but its absolutely solid. While there are no big name superstars, there is an abundance of good players who will fit in nicely to the buckeyes scheme. Watch for RB Brandon Saine, (Ohio's Mr Football) and the DT from Georgia Cameron something. Both will be complete studs on the football field. Very pleased with this recruiting class.

osu fan said...

This year’s class has been saved with the singing of Gregg the "Iron Head" Heyward’s Son. "Hey Iron Head what’s with this thingy?"

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