Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Plummer to Spend '07-08 on His Back

HOUSTON, TEXAS - According to the Houston Chronicle, David Carr will be traded and Jake Plummer will be the starting quarterback for the Texans next season (Is it too soon to change his nickname to Jake "The Sack" Plummer?). Apparently new coach Gary Kubiak's thinking...I don't know what the hell he's thinkin'! The Kenny Loggins look-alike will be thrust into a terrible offense and the worst o-line in the league (Well statistically they are the worst, but I can make a strong argument for the Browns tandem of slow, unathletic penalty-magnets), and apparently they're also looking into developing a rookie behind Jake. Emerging young wideout Andre Johnson was quoted as saying "I better work on my tackling, don't want these guys returning all Jake's interceptions for TD's" shortly after catching wind of these plans.
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Anonymous said...

Is that Rupert from Survivor?

Double Meat said...

He looks like Lieutenant Dan after he lost his legs.

Now this was a good article. Short and too the point with some comic relief inbetween. Please revise Jeremy G's articles before they are posted.

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