Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Pour Me Another...Or I Will Kill You

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Talk about a post Super Bowl bash gone bad: A death threat, an attempted coat stealing, and a severed earlobe later, more Pacers are in trouble with the law. Perhaps this is Jamaal Tinsley's way of reaching out to an old friend. The bar's manager said he was "unable to defend himself" during the scuffle. Judging by the way Tinsley guards the opposition, neither could he. Former BG Falcon Keith McLeod reportedly pulled a Costanza, and was seen shoving nearby elderly ladies and handicapped individuals. Seems like only a year ago Cavs fans thought the Pacers were going to be a formidable opposition for years to come. Maybe if the category was "criminal rap sheets."


Freida Falcon said...

Keith Mcleod from.....Thee Bowling Green State University. Best MAC Tournament performance I've ever seen.

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