Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Cavs.com Caption Contest

One of our favorite websites, Cavs.com, is really rolling out the wacky internet gimmicks with their newest "Create a Caption" contest. This would have been a good idea had we not picked up on it. Here are the instructions:
"Submit your best caption using your humor, wit and creativity and we'll post the best ones"
Granted, we're a website that often lacks in the humor, wit and creativity department, but we thought we'd give it a whirl anyway. Hey, Ira Newble can't dribble or shoot, but he plays in the NBA right? So here are the captions we will be formally submitting.

"Look at all those guys on the floor not faking a toe injury!"

"Three perimeter players who can't shoot"

"We are continually disappointed with this administration's failure to provide a lucid, intelligible solution to the current middle-eastern quagmire, with respect to the current geopolitical realities that persist between the separatists and the other warring factions"

"Hurry up and make this our default image on Facebook...oh wait, LeBron doesn't have a valid college e-mail address"

"Reaction to one of Eric Snow's jumpshots"

"What happens at Synergy, stays at Synergy"

photo courtesy of Getty images


CavsDominateYoWorld said...

Some of those better win! The sinergy one was so true - they are ALWAYS there, especially on nights before the games.

Anonymous said...

How bout "They think we actually care."

floorwax said...

OMG!!! Z's cock is so big its hanging out of the bottom of his shorts..Hide behind me...i'll suck it.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Lebron celebrates with Damon Jones and Damon Waynes

cavsmessageboardreader said...

You guys have the funniest site in cleveland, this thing is going to blow up.

Anonymous said...

Look Lebron we found your really father.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I ment. Hey Lebron, we found your real father!

Anonymous said...

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