Saturday, February 10, 2007

Taking the "Fan" Out of "Fanatical Violence"

ROME, ITALY - If a man head-butts another man’s chest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Italy may soon have the answer to that question, as its Serie A league will resume Sunday, with 11 of 21 games being played in empty stadiums following the death of a police officer in an earlier match. As you might expect, soccer players are not enthused about hearing their own echoes when they flop to the ground. Milan striker Fillipo Inzaghi was quoted as saying, “I really hope a solution is found because soccer without fans just doesn't exist." You hear that Beckham? Apparently you’re traveling all the way to Los Angeles to play in a sport that isn’t even real.

All kidding aside, I think the most disturbing part of the story is found here, where Variety notes that Rupert Murdoch and other broadcasters may be thrilled about the news, since more fans will watch the soccer matches at home, driving up ratings. Not to give him any ideas, but can’t you just see Bud Selig closing down ball-parks around the country and then selling a special “lockdown games” package to DirecTV? All told however, I think the biggest loser in the whole affair is David Stern…I mean let’s be honest, the WNBA has been playing to empty stadiums for years, but it’s never gotten this sort of press attention for it.

Story written by our East Coast Correspondent Alexander Goot


Cleveland State Vikings said...

No fans allowed at the games? We don't even need such an edict to make that happen.

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