Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ron Artest's Dog Seized

Sacramento, California - According to, animal service officers seized an underfed Great Dane from Ron Artest's mansion. Apparently Artest was issued a warning by animal services on Jan 30th to feed his dog because of neighbors' complaints that it looked like the dog was starving. As of Monday it appeared as if Artest still wasn't too keen on the whole idea of feeding his dog so the Placer County animal services officers returned, and took the dog into their custody. Artest was told that he has 10 days to request a hearing.

Surprisingly, it was Artest's neighbors who ratted him out (which is a pretty ballsy move). In a recent poll, Artest was voted "Most Desirable Black-Athlete to have as a Neighbor" by Sacramento's largely white upper-class demographic. Finishing right behind him in the MDBAN's were Pacman Jones, Chris Henry and Stephen Jackson.

Artest was unavailable for comment but I'm sure he was crushed by the news that they took away his dog for not feeding it, only a week after they told him they would take it away in a week if he didn't feed it.

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Socks the Dog said...

Man I am friggen hungry, wish that dude woulda fed me

KingNick said...

Guy can't even take care of himself, let alone a pet.

Bryan said...

That article reminds me of the tim eo isaw your mom being chased by the cops


Double Meat said...
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Double Meat said...

WDCCEM (Worst Decision Cursed Cleveland Ever Made) by allowing Jeremy G to write on this site. Nobody wants to read your meaningless stories. Keep up the horrific articles JG.

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