Friday, February 9, 2007

Floyd Landis to Sit Out 2007

Paris - Floyd Landis, the man who tarnished the name of countless Mennonite cyclists that came before him has agreed to sit out the 2007 Tour de France and any races that take place in France as part of an agreement with French doping authorities. This all comes after Landis tested positive for extremely high levels of testosterone after last year's 17th stage of the Tour de France. Landis, however, still maintains his innocence (but maybe not his dignity). After testing positive on the "A" sample from the French lab, Landis nominated and paid his own expert to do the "B" sample.........and that one turned out to be positive as well.

Landis joins the likes of countless other athletes who have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, but somehow can't find out how they got there: Shawn Merriman, Mark McGwire, Justin Gatlin, Brian Boitano, Rafael Palmeiro, Ivan Rodriguez and Shawn Bradley.

(Photgraph is actually of Floyd Landis, not Charlie Frye)
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Jim Gentile said...

It is now 11:35 on Saturday morning and no post about the big cavaliers win last night and Lebron's fantastic performance. I am a little dissapointed that is following the lead of every other media outlet in northeast ohio and only posting negative crap.

Double Meat said...

I didnt know Jim Gentile was still alive

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