Monday, February 5, 2007

I Didn't Order the F*%#ing Ham Sandwich

It's not every day that the Morgan State basketball program graces the pages of, but today was special. Head basketball coach Todd Bozeman stopped into a local restaurant called Mulligan's after a close battle against the 8-17 Longwood Lancers that resulted in a loss. Apparently, an unhappy and ready to explode Bozeman went ballistic on a waitress when he went to pick up food for the team and was given ham sandwiches. Now, I'm not sure if it was just the ham sandwiches that caused him to freak out or the fact that he just lost to a Lancers team that had its biggest wins of the season against: Virginias-Wise, Norfolk State, Shenandoah, Kennesaw State and High Point (and they also played Oklahoma tough in an 81-40 loss that was a lot closer than it seemed).

Restaurant manager Carlos Holland stated that Bozeman, "Just went belligerent, screaming that he didn't want ham sandwiches," and then grabbed and shook a female assistant manager. Holland later hammed it up (no pun intended) by saying "We had kids in here, nice and quiet eating with their families.....He's the head coach of a university, showing a bad example."

What's next for Bozeman? I don't know, possibly Iona but I doubt it. You really can't blame the guy. What goes unnoticed is the remarkable restraint that he has shown throughout the season. Some coaches might have gone overboard after a 102-76 loss to La Salle (9-14), but not Bozeman. He is a stand-up guy!


Pete Allen said...

I like ham sandwiches.

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