Monday, February 5, 2007

Rivalry Reaching New Heights

CLEVELAND, OHIO - Apparently this Cavs/Pistons rivalry is getting so intense that even the public-address announcers are getting involved. In Sunday's disgusting performance at home against the thugs from rock city, the Cavs P.A. Announcer Olivier Sedra mocked the voice of the Pistons, John Mason, by saying "Deeetroit turnover," imitating the well known (and hated) "Deeetroit basketball." Immature antics are all well and good here at (In fact, one of our authors is known for bar pranks such as the "Garbage Dump," the "Pool Stick Launch," "Down the Hatch," and the creatively named "Garbage Down the Stairs.") , as long as you aren't doing it down 10 points with little time remaining in a nationally-televised embarrassment. Sources tell me that in retaliation, the Pistons play-by-play television announcer will repeatedly say "Alligator Arms" and "rubber rim" during the next match-up in an attempt at mocking the loser that replaced Reghi.

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Dan Gilbert said...

I hate Fred McLeod, and our foreign p.a. announcer, and our dance team, and our arena, and Lebron James

Dan Gilbert said...

I would like to state that my Business is an equal opportunity employer for those who have feliculitus

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